RefrigerationCustom Builds, Installations, Service, and Repairs

Air conditioning isn’t the only useful way to keep cool aboard your yacht. Some of your most pleasurable boating activities require having reliable refrigeration onboard!

At Bosch Marine, we are refrigeration experts. Whether you want perfectly chilled wine or just want to take that monster fish you caught back home, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the different ways we can accommodate your every refrigeration need.

Custom Built Stainless Steel Refrigerators & Freezers

On land, stainless steel refrigerators and freezers are a classy mark of quality in your home. Why should things be any different on your yacht?

Bosch not only offers a full range of stainless steel refrigerators and freezers, but we custom build them to meet your needs. This allows us to build something that accentuates your interior aesthetic while not taking up any more space than it has to!

Custom Interior Wine Coolers

It’s official: the only thing better than enjoying a glass of wine is enjoying a glass of wine on your yacht. This means you need to keep your bottles nice and cold for every voyage as you never know when you’ll need to celebrate.

Bosch offers interior wine coolers that will keep your favorite wines at your favorite temperature. And like our refrigerators, we provide custom wine coolers, so we can create something that is stylish while saving space.

Service & Repairs

There are certain things about life on the ocean that mirror life on land. And one of those things is that everyone hates a broken refrigerator.

It can be difficult to diagnose and repair refrigerator problems on your own. And if you try your hand at fixing it, you could possibly make things worse for the refrigerator and even damage the yacht interior.

Bosch provides a full range of repair services for any of your refrigeration equipment. We can also provide regular service to your equipment to reduce the chance of any untimely malfunctions.

Retrofit Existing Refrigerators & Freezers

Sometimes, you may not need entirely new refrigeration equipment. You may instead want to add some modern touches to the refrigerators and freezers that you already have.

Bosch Marine can retrofit any of your current refrigerators and freezers to add any features that you would like. Take it from the refrigeration experts: we can make yesterday’s tech look and feel as sleek and modern as you’d like!.

Custom Fishing Boxes

No matter how big the boat, one thing remains true: there’s nothing quite like catching fish out on the water. And it’s important that you can keep whatever you catch cold and fresh until it’s time to cook them!

Bosch offers custom fishing boxes to cover your fishing needs. We provide a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the right balance between storage and convenience.

At Bosch, we’re ready for whatever you need so you can be ready for whatever you catch!

Remote Refrigeration

Owning a yacht is thrilling because you can head to any exotic destinations you desire. It’s important to have refrigeration options that can be just as mobile and versatile as yourself.

Bosch offers a selection of state-of-the-art remote refrigeration units. They provide the reliability and cooling power of a full-size refrigerator in a convenient and portable form.

Wherever your destination, bring one of our remote refrigeration units along to keep your cool from anywhere on the planet.

Excellent work! Reliable and honest. Large list of services offered. The owner is a captain and fully involved with the work production. Locally owned.

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