Custom Wood Work

In many ways, the wood work is the most important part of the yacht. It’s not enough for the vessel to stun outside onlookers; you want an interior that maintains this same level of luxury and beauty.

Bosch Marine offers a full array of custom wood working services. We can create anything you need to perfect the look and feel of your yacht, making your ride more comfortable than ever before.

Here are a few of the services that we offer.

Custom Cabinetry

You’ll want your yacht to look as beautiful on the inside as it looks on the outside. At Bosch Marine, we have the very best craftsmen and woodworkers to help bring your custom cabinet dreams to life.

Whether you need a breathtaking wine cabinet to bring your collection on the open seas or bedroom cabinetry to make your yacht feel more like home, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Layout & Fabrication

Getting a good yacht layout is tricky; many businesses have difficulty finding the balance between beauty and comfort. However, our expert team of designers will craft a layout that is both elegant to owners and comfortable to the crew.

Our services don’t stop there, though. Our engineers bring years of experience in fabrication to ensure everything from your ladders to holders for your fishing rod are in ship-shape before you ship out.

Deck Tables

Part of the joy of owning a yacht is being able to entertain guests in luxury and style. Having deck tables that offer form and function is the key to being a great host.

Bosch offers custom tables, allowing us to bring added comfort and style to your existing layout. This lets you enjoy meals, books, and sunsets with the kind of ease and pleasure you deserve.

All Wood Concepts

Your yacht is a representation of who you are. This includes illustrating your refinement and taste around every corner.

Bosch offers all wood concepts for every aspect of your yacht. From flooring and paneling to beams and stairs, we offer the classic, all-natural look of wood. And we can customize every part to your every need, which ensures your yacht has a unique look and feel.


Your yacht is an investment. And not just in terms of money: it is an investment in your future and in your happiness.

You want a name you can trust to refinish your yacht whenever it is needed. At Bosch, we understand this yacht is your dream…and you can trust us to refinish your dream until it sparkles once again!

Teak Decks

The world of yacht owners is already pretty exclusive. And this exclusive group understands just how impressive teak decks are.

These decks offer the shimmer and shine that we all associate with beauty and luxury. Plus, adding teak decks to your yacht will completely transform and revitalize the look of your yacht.

Bosch offers the service to install, repair, and refinish teak decks throughout your yacht. You can trust us to make your yacht look better than new through our world-class teak services.

Excellent work! Reliable and honest. Large list of services offered. The owner is a captain and fully involved with the work production. Locally owned.

Margaret Stanford
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