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Air Conditioning

The beauty of a yacht is that it lets you have the luxuries of home out on the water. And one of the absolute best luxuries is air conditioning.

Bosch Marine provides a variety of products and services to help you keep your cool out on the ocean. You’ll have added confidence in your every voyage knowing that we’re in your corner and can provide any air conditioning help that you need.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you stay frosty out there!

Custom AC Builds

It can be difficult to purchase air conditioning equipment for your yacht because you want everything to fit perfectly. The truth is that “off the shelf” units and parts can make the most beautiful yachts look ugly on the inside.

Bosch Marine offers custom builds of A/C units and parts. This lets us create a perfect fit for your interior layout and ensure that everything looks smooth and symmetrical.

New AC Installations

Many yacht owners pride themselves on installing everything themselves. However, air conditioning installation can open you up to a whole world of trouble.

It’s easy to accidentally damage your yacht interior when you attempt to install an A/C unit. And there’s always the risk that an incorrectly-installed may turn off when you are on the ocean and cannot easily repair it.

Bosch can install any units and parts that you need. Our expert technicians offer service with speed and quality, giving you peace of mind on every voyage.

Service & Repairs

Having to repair the air conditioning on your yacht can be intimidating. It can feel like taking your car to a shady mechanic and worrying about the unnecessary repairs and services they will try to sell you.

At Bosch, our honesty and integrity are second to none. We will quickly identify what any malfunction is and fix it as quickly as possible, allowing you to go back to enjoying your yacht.

We are also happy to become your home for regular air conditioning service. Ultimately, we can detect your yacht’s minor issues before they become major problems!

Chillers & Air Handlers

Sometimes, your yacht is too big for regular air conditioning to handle. That’s when you need to break out the big guns and use a marine chiller system.

The chiller is perfect for really large yachts. And the chillers offered by Bosch provide a great mix of being environmentally-friendly while still running very quietly.

We also offer air handlers to accommodate each room in your yacht. This allows you and your guests to comfortably control the temperature of their individual room at any time of day or night.

Mobile AC Units

Sometimes, you need a mobile air conditioning unit. These are ideal for everything from cooling areas during yacht repair to adding air conditioning to older yachts.

Bosch offers the portable units you need, and we can install them in any area of your yacht that needs it. This ensures that you and your guests can enjoy air-conditioned comfort throughout the entire yacht.

Emergency AC Service

At Bosch, we understand that yacht emergencies happen. And when it’s an air conditioning emergency, it is critical to fix things as quickly as possible.

You can trust us to offer the repairs you need as quickly as possible. We understand that your time is valuable. By trusting us for your emergency A/C repair, you will save both time and money on every single visit!

Excellent work! Reliable and honest. Large list of services offered. The owner is a captain and fully involved with the work production. Locally owned.

Margaret Stanford
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